Cozy Mystery Crochet Project Club - 6 months

This Club is 6 months long!

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    On the first Thursday of each month, you will be given a cozy mystery book chapter and a corresponding project on your Fiber and Fiction dashboard. Your exclusive and unique patterns are designed to help you unravel the cozy mystery novel, 'Fatal Patterns' chapter by chapter! You can read each chapter with our easy, multi formatted downloads or listen to the audio version while you craft your project! Also included are full video tutorials for each of the patterns to help you along the way!

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This Club's Cozy Mystery Novel

Claire and her new husband Derek have just moved to Falmouth Maine. A little coastal town near where Derek’s new job is located. To follow suit Claire quits her job as a psychologist in favor of something slower paced. Taking a position at a small antique shop is just right, giving her the time to pursue her menagerie of unfinished crochet projects. However, as Claire and Derek ease into the rhythms of their new surroundings, things are not as they seem. While Claire is thriving, finding instant friends in the local stitch circle and comfort in the stillness, Derek seems to be more and more on edge. She thought moving would bring them closer together, but it only seems to be driving them further apart. When Claire discovers Derek’s secret she is heartbroken and furious. However before she can get more information Derek is found dead and she is the number one suspect. Now in this new place, with her gaggle of stich circle grannies and a nosy but earnest detective in tow, she must piece together the clues to exonerate herself and find the truth.

What is included?

With every subscription you'll receive...

  • 6 exclusive and original crochet patterns total

  • Each book chapter formatted in PD, Kindle and E-reader

  • Audio Recording of every chapter

  • Skilled host video tutorial of each pattern

  • Membership in our private Facebook Group

  • PDF stitch guide

  • Stitch Basics Video Guide

  • FREE bonus Pattern just for signing up!

Flexible Payment Options

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Club Chapters

Each month is a mystery!

  • 1

    Hello and Welcome!

    • Welcome to the Crochet Club!

  • 2

    Club Resources

    • Fiber and Fiction Crochet Stitch Guide

    • FREE Scrappy Mug Rug Pattern

    • Crochet Project Supply List

  • 3

    Chapter 1

    • Chapter 1- Unfinished Business

  • 4

    Chapter 2

    • Chapter 2 - Shadowy Swatch

  • 5

    Chapter 3

    • Chapter 3 -From Worst to Worsted

  • 6

    Chapter 4

    • Chapter 4 - Knotty Confessions

  • 7

    Chapter 5

    • Chapter 5 - The Chain Gang

  • 8

    Chapter 6

    • Chapter 6 - Not So Square

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